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That Champion Season

UCSB has gone without a national championship contender since the 2016 baseball team. Why so long?

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The Principled Campaign for Governor

Delaine Eastin MA ’71 feared the educational system that gave her a wonderful life was crumbling. Her fix was a campaign for governor.

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iv.jpgIsla Vista Turns a Corner

Isla Vista Four Years Later: Signs of Change But Still The Same Place?

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Gaucho Argentino- His Story Uncovered

Not many people know the story of the 7 foot, 800 pound Argentinian gaucho that stands at the entrance of Whalen Plaza at the Mosher Alumni House – until now.

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Milestones Spotlight: Brandon James '12 and Aisha Browne '13

Ten years after meeting each other at UCSB, Brandon made arrangements with UC Santa Barbara Alumni to help set the stage for a wedding proposal in front of UCSB’s most prized possession—Storke Tower.

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