UCSB Alumni Annual Day of Service

Fourth Annual UCSB Alumni Day of Service 2020

Civic Engagement: It’s More Than Just a Slogan

Civic engagement, or the idea of putting your community ahead of yourself, is deep in the Gaucho culture.

There is a reason we have more Peace Corps volunteers than almost any other U.S. university. Same goes for those who join Teach for America. Nobody tries to count all the UCSB student organizations that devote energy to charity work and social improvement campaigns.

Civic enthusiasm has spilled into Isla Vista where for decades the Isla Vista Park District board of directors was mostly student run, a tradition that has been adopted up by the new Isla Vista Community Services District board and its key staff.

We are in the midst of a period in our country’s history when there are repeated calls for more civic involvement and community responsibility. From fighting Covid-19 in our society to helping feed those who have lost their jobs, Gauchos are being asked to take the challenge of building a better society.

Two years ago Alumni Affairs launched its Day of Service program, to encourage and mobilize alumni to join community improvement projects. In the midst of new norms around social gatherings, we are introducing a virtual Day of Service.  While the official Day of Service is September 12th, you can volunteer any time from Monday September 7th through Sunday September 13th.

The number of Gauchos participating in the past two years has grown dramatically. This year we hope to enlist even more of our alumni, in projects that focus on individual civic engagement.

It can mean writing a check to your favorite non-profit, or taking extra food to the local food pantry. It can be individually picking up beach trash, or sending a note to somebody who could use a little touch. It can be a volunteer project at your church or synagogue, or a sewing project for children at the local hospital. The list is endless and we know that Gaucho spirit is boundless.

These are challenging times, difficult times. But they offer opportunities that can be more meaningful than ones we choose in quiet times.

Think of all the good things that flowed into you from UCSB. Spread some of that good wide and far.

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Here is a collection of photos showing how you impacted your community. Please continue to share how you are making an impact as a volunteer in your community. #GauchosGiveBack

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