Nothing comes close to Greeks on the coast

For many alumni, their strongest ties are through their fraternal experience. The UC Santa Barbara Greek Alumni Program creates opportunities to stay involved with fellow greek brothers and sisters as well as serving as advisors and mentors to the current Greek community.


Greek Interconnect

In Fall 2017, a group of Greek alumni from a cross section of councils, generations, and professional backgrounds came together and created an event to give back to Greek collegians. They held the inaugural Greek Interconnect, a professional networking event for alumni to share with and learn from fellow UCSB Greeks. Since then, we have hosted three annual events and are currently preparing for the fourth. 
Click here for more information and to see past Keynote Speeches. 

GreekFest at All Gaucho Reunion

GreekFest includes a number of fraternity and sorority specific events at All Gaucho Reunion. Events traditionally include FunkZone Friday and Greek Farewell Brunch on Sunday. The UC Santa Barbara alumni hosted events are designed to connect and engage Greek alumni from all councils and chapters. Many chapters additionally choose to hold community service projects, luncheons, and networking events with their own members.


Greek Alumni Council

The newly established Greek Alumni Council provides strategic guidance to UC Santa Barbara Alumni on engaging our 20,000+ Greek alumni.  If you are interested in learning more about the Greek Alumni Council, contact

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