If you have any questions, we'll be glad to help. Please feel free to come by and visit or contact us at or call (805) 893-2288.

Name Title Phone Email
Karen Ravago-Ballaret Director, Alumni Professional Engagement 805-893-4488
Lesli Brodbeck '85 Business Manager, Family Vacation Center 805-893-3123
Lauren Cain '17 Programs Coordinator 805-893-4140
Sheri Fruhwirth Director, Family Vacation Center 805-893-5310
Kelsie Grau Director, Business Development 805-893-2947
Shane Greene Webmaster 805-893-7992
Hazra Abdool Kamal Financial Officer 805-893-3565
John Lofthus '00 Associate Director 805-893-8416
Mary MacRae '94 Office Manager and Facility Manager 805-893-2957
Samantha Putnam Programs Director 805-893-2654
Matt Stock '99 Director, Development 805-570-3055
George Thurlow '73 Executive Director 805-893-4799
Natalie Wong '79 Senior Artist 805-893-4391
Susan K. Yamashiro Community Events 805-893-4956