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Take a look at the many talents that our unique Gauchos possess. Alumni from around the world are skilled in various artistic fields. Check out some notable alumni working in the various fields of visual and performance arts. If you or someone you know would like to be featured in Gaucho Culture please:

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From painting to film, Gauchos have conquered it all. Whether it's a booming embroidery business or a new book, Gaucho Culture wants to highlight this talent. Check out this section for inspiration and an opportunity to support fellow alumni visual artists.


Lights, Camera, Gauchos! Meet alumni involved in acting, dancing, or singing. Check out new movies or shows that have a Gaucho touch. Learn more about Gauchos in the limelight! Theatre, music, and anything you can imagine, Gauchos are doing it. Learn about new shows featuring our alum all over the world.