Getting ready for the week of fun! This supply list has everything you will need to participate in all the events and activities. Many items you will have around your house, but some may need to be purchased or ordered.

Sunday, July 11

Challenge 1: Family Photo

  • White Paper – 3 sheets
  • Scissors

Challenge 2: Dance Party

Music! Anything fun to Dance to!

Challenge 3: Staff All Starts

No supplies needed

Video 1: Doodle Drawing

  • Paper and pencil or marker

Video 2: Butterfly Makeup

Any colorful makeup pallet will work, here are a few suggestions:

Video 3: Science Experiment

  • Dish soap - 1tbs
  • Food coloring - 3 ~ 6 drips
  • Q-tip - 1

Monday, July 12

Challenge 1: Water Balloon Toss

Challenge 2: Pie Eating Contest

  • Whip topping – 1 can
  • Small gummy candy – 1 per person

Challenge 3: Surfs Up with Aquatics

no supplies needed

Video 1: Grass Whistle

  • Grass – 3-5 blades

Video 2: Tick Tock Dance

Any fun song to dance to

Video 3: Friendship Bracelet

Tuesday, July 13

Challenge 1: Sing a Camp Song

No supplies needed

Challenge 2: Dress Up in Costume

Dress up anyway you want!

Challenge 3: Egg Drop

  • Egg - 1 per person
  • General paper goods, paper bags, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, anything from around the house, get creative!

Video 1: Camp Song

Your loud and excited singing voice

Video 2: Skateboard Trick

If you have a skateboard and pads this would be a fun one to try with adult supervision. If not enjoy watching the show just for fun.

Video 3: Free Birds Nachos

This video is just to make you hungry…no supplies needed!

Wednesday, July 14

Challenge 2: Build a Fort

  • Sheets, blankets, pillows

Challenge 3: Front Desk Ice Cream Challenge

No supplies needed

Video 2: Meditation

  • Quite place to relax

Video 3: Best Cannon Ball

NO supplies needed, enjoy the show!

Thursday, July 15

Challenge 1: Lets Get Moving

  • Bike or scooter and helmet if you have it. Also your feet can take you far!

Challenge 2: Lip Sync

  • Your favorite song to song along to!

Challenge 3: Throwback Thursday

  • Old Camp shirt

Video 1: Surf Lesson

No supplies needed, surfs up!

Video 2: Perfect S’more

  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallow
  • Chocolate
  • Small wood sticks

Video 3: Walk the Labyrinth

NO supplies needed

Friday, July 16

Challenge 1: Derby Car Race

Challenge 2: Stuffed Animal Puppet Show

Your stuffed animal friends from around the house

Challenge 3: How Do You Spell FVC?

No supplies needed

Video 1: Cartoon Drawing

paper and pencil

Video 2: Derby Car Tutorial

Video 3: Tennis Trick Shots

No supplies needed