Alumni Matters

It is not always easy to find an internship that gives hands-on, professional experience – let alone a paid internship.

UC Santa Barbara Alumni has provided 5 students the opportunity to not only pursue internships in departments in which they are interested but they are also engaging in the Alumni community in a way that will be beneficial to their future careers. Students participate in privately funded internships that range from career engagement to strategic planning. Thanks to generous donors, these students are able to organize events, learn about alumni programs, and work to connect and engage alumni with students. These internships are promising because they provide an opportunity for growth and development in various fields, such as marketing, communications, business development and public relations. These students get real world job experiences on their very own campus.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support an internship, contact Matt Stock ‘99 at or 805.893.3055.

The Donors

Leslie Klonoff

Leslie Klonoff ’80

Leslie Klonoff graduated with a degree in communication studies and is the parent of two alumni. She was an active member of the Alpha Phi sorority. Klonoff’s career focused on recruiting, event planning and community building, skills she developed while at UCSB.  She serves on the Department of Communication Alumni Council and heads the Recruitment and Alumni Engagement subcommittees. As GreekFest chairperson for the All Gaucho Reunion, Klonoff helps foster service and advocacy across generations of Gaucho Greeks.

Tom Jevens and Heather Jevens

Tom Jevens ‘87

Tom Jevens and his wife Heather are both UC Santa Barbara graduates. During his time at UCSB, he was able to take part in the UCDC Program, which was formerly known as the Capital Hill Program. “During the program I came to appreciate the importance of applying one’s education in real-world settings while still in college,” he said. When the opportunity arose to help a student put their education to work in a meaningful way, he says the decision to support the career engagement intern was a no brainer. He hopes that students embrace their time with the Association and use it to build a strong foundation for their future careers. The career engagement internship was established to serve the dual purpose of advancing the Association’s programs on several fronts and provide an engaging learning experience for the intern.

Mary Moslander

Mary Moslander ’88

Mary Moslander, a sociology major, worked as a Sports Information Assistant for the Athletics Department, and eventually became Sports Editor at UC Santa Barbara. Moslander also had led sports reports for the news team at KCSB, managed ushers at the UCSB Events Center, worked at the UCSB Summer Camp and played for the women’s club lacrosse team for two years. Moslander spent 10 years at the Washington Post company before founding LiveHealthier, the global provider of health management programs to over a million people at over 50 companies. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and driven to help other women start companies of their own. Moslander is also a member of the UCSB Bren School Eco-Entrepreneurship Advisory Council and a member of the Santa Catalina School’s Board of Trustees.

The Interns

Randi Emmons

Randi Emmons ‘18

Leslie Klonoff - Greek Outreach

Randi Emmons is a fourth year biopsychology and sociology double major from San Jose, CA. Her internship involved working with Greek Alumni and planning events like All Gaucho Reunion, Greek Fest, open houses, and the Greek Brunch. She focuses on bringing Greek Alumni together and bringing them back to their chapter as well. To Leslie Klonoff she says, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this position and I wish I was able to do another year.” Emmons is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. In the future wants to go to grad school and pursue a masters in social psychology. She hopes to work with kids and de-stigmatize mental illness and work with the homeless population around the issue of mental illness. “This internship has helped me learn how to problem solve when issues arise and create something that feeds everyone’s wants and needs. I think these are skills that I can take into any career I choose.”

Nick Reyes

Nick Reyes ‘20

Mary Moslander
Strategic Planning Internship

Nick Reyes is a second year Statistics and Communication double major originally from San Diego, CA. Before this internship, he worked at multiple internships but was unable to find the right fit. When he got the opportunity to work under Mary Moslander doing Strategic planning, he jumped at the chance. Reyes is interested in project management and management consulting after college. He says, “This internship puts me in contact with a lot of different departments. Helping with event planning and being exposed to different departments is definitely beneficial for me. Management is something I want to get into and this internship is absolutely propelling me towards that goal.” Reyes primarily does data analytics and works with correspondents. When asked what he would say to Mary Moslander he says, “It’s one of those things where I have someone backing me, so there’s a lot to live up to- in a good way. Thank you for such a great opportunity.”

Saul Flores

Saúl Flores ‘18

Tom Jevens - Career Engagement

Saúl Flores is a fourth year Communication major from Los Angeles, CA. His internship entailed running a social media campaign to connect alumni and current students, creating professional and career panels with alumni to help current students curate job opportunities receive post-grad advice, and planning events including Alumni Networking Nights and Alumni Reunion Weekend. Flores aspires to work as an Events/Festival Promoter at places like Golden Voice or Insomniac. He stresses how grateful he is for employment that is career-based while he attends school. “This internship has helped me establish a sense of direction of where I want to go with my career, while providing me with better social skills, brainstorming skills, and the tools to connect people through their profession, ” he says. To Tom Jevens, his donor he says, “Genuinely, 100 percent thank you, it’s been an amazing learning experience and I am extremely blessed to have employment at the Alumni association.”

Jessica Arnold

Jessica Arnold ‘19

Tom Jevens - Career Engagement

Jessica Arnold is a 3rd year Communication major from Mountain View, CA. Her internship, funded by Tom Jevens, allows her to assist in the marketing and management of career-focused programming for UCSB Alumni. She also manages alumni networking events and career panels. Arnold says this internship has given her hands on experience in designing marketing materials and promoting events on social media that, “has definitely jump started my career.” In addition to this, she says she has gained many valuable networking opportunities. She would like to thank Tom Jevens for providing funding for this amazing internship opportunity. Arnold says, “I have gained valuable skills and experience in this position that will allow me to be successful career-wise after graduation.”

Allie Adams

Allie Adams ‘20

Leslie Klonoff - Greek Outreach

Allie Adams is a second year Political Science major acquiring a certification in Technology Management. She’s from Thousand Oaks, CA. and serves as the College of Letters and Science senator as well as a Community Services District coordinator. Her internship allows her to engage and connect Greek alumni through networking/social events, social media, and community outreach. She says this internship has taught her about professional communication, the ins and outs of event planning, and the importance of interpersonal relations. To Leslie Klonoff, she says, “Thank you for recognizing my ambition and pushing me to give it my all. You gave me such an incredible opportunity and I promise to take our Greek alumni outreach to the next level. You are a powerful teammate and a total inspiration to me.” After college, her future job aspiration is to start a business.