Alumni Spotlights feature outstanding UC Santa Barbara alumni succeeding in their careers, proud of their Gaucho heritage.

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When Lisa Wojcik ‘05 found herself unsure of her career path in visual merchandising, she decided it was time to take a leap of faith. Leaning into a lifelong passion for baking, Lisa started her confectionary nut company, Black Bow Sweets.
Jason Afriat ‘20 arrived at UCSB as a transfer student, but it didn’t take long for him to make lifelong connections. By joining the rowing team and various cultural organizations, Jason learned to appreciate his college years by living in the moment with his friends and teammates. After graduating, this young entrepreneur went on to start two companies aligning with his passions for fitness and storytelling.
Luther Richmond ‘07 serves an important role within UCSB’s Educational Opportunity Program, as a counselor and coordinator for various student centers. After obtaining a B.A. in Communication at UCSB, Luther continued on to receive a Master’s in Counselor Education from San Jose State. Only then did he return to his hometown of Santa Barbara to help guide the next generation of Gauchos.
Marcee Davis ‘15 is both a Financial Aid Advisor and Veterans Affairs Certifying Official at UC Santa Barbara. With a background in public relations and experience in Congress, she strives to guide veterans through the often difficult transition to traditional education. Providing firsthand experience and a wealth of information, Marcee gives back to the community that she found a home in during her undergraduate years.
Stephen Myles ‘05 is the Founder of Rose Through Concrete, a technology based company focusing on creating purposeful tools to fill gaps within industries. He is also an author, having published both a poetry book and a childrens’ story. With a diverse portfolio, it’s evident that Stephen doesn’t shy away from a challenge.
Kami Calderon ‘07 received her B.A. in Music at UCSB and continues to use her talents in her role as Chief Operating Officer of Clean Energy Counsel. Bringing her musical background to business and law, Calderon continues to give back to the UCSB community that further nourished her passion for music.