Mahsa Headshot

While Mahsa was always fascinated by interior design, she didn’t open her own business until she noticed a lack of motivation in her corporate sales job. After receiving some guidance about how to get started, Mahsa began photographing and publishing her design work for friends and family. Committed to her craft, Mahsa now enjoys indulging in her creativity to bring her clients’ interior design visions to life.


Q: How did you get started in the interior design industry?

I was always passionate about interior design but I didn’t study anything related to it at UC Santa Barbara in Psychology. After receiving my Masters, I realized that Forensic Psychology was not the field for me so I got into corporate America doing sales work. I did that for many years until around 2016 where I began to feel like I needed to do something different. I didn’t know where to get started with changing my career, so I spoke with a few people in my life about what I was passionate about. I was always helping friends and family decorate their homes, and I got some great advice about how to get started by taking pictures of my work and publishing it. 

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from in your designing process?

Museums, art shows, Instagram– everywhere, really. Often I walk the fine line of going with a client’s vision and exploring ideas on my own. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to get free reign with my designing, but that is rare. 

Q: Do you ever experience creative block/burnout in your work? How do you manage that?

Definitely! I tend to take on as much as I possibly can, which I feel like is the norm when you start your own business because you are so grateful for every opportunity. In the last year, though, I have learned to take better care of myself. It’s still a work in progress, but I have learned to take time to creatively recover from projects and space out my work better. Engaging in other fulfilling activities, like spending time with my son, also allows for that creativity to come back. Burnout is no joke!

Q: What class or professor do you reflect on most fondly during your undergraduate years?

I fondly remember the Baldwins, who taught courses on Human Sexuality. I was shocked at the topics of the course at first, but it was such a fun experience getting out of my comfort zone. I took their Sociology 101 class as well as their honor courses.

Q: What is your most memorable non-academic experience at UCSB? (sports team, extracurricular, club, friends, etc)

The social aspect of UCSB was my favorite part of my undergraduate years. Having grown up fairly sheltered in Sweden, coming to UCSB was such a profound experience. There were always friends around and always a party to go to. I’m still close with friends I connected with back then, and I treasure those relationships. I also grew up in a city, so having access to the beach and nature took me aback as an undergrad. 

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your career? 

I love the ability to be creative. I love seeing the joy on my clients’ faces when we’ve transformed their spaces. Letting someone into your home and sharing your interior aspirations is intimate, so being able to make their wishes into a reality is my favorite part.