As a Gaucho community, we want to spread some excitement and appreciation as you all step into your lives as alumni of UCSB

If you're a family member of one of our amazing graduates, a former student looking to dish out some Gaucho love, or you're simply in admiration of the amazing work the class of 2022 has accomplished, take a moment to submit words of hope and congratulations. #UCSB2022

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Congratulations to our Bachelor of Science graduate! So very proud of you Aiden! Here’s to a wonderful future!

- Mom, Dad, Maddy, and all your extended family. 

Emily we love you! Wherever you go, go with all your heart and never ever give up! The Gold-Knara family will support you always and love you know matter what! Imagine your life and go for it with grace and benevolence. Emily, just keep going!

- Jerrald Gold, Parent

Sami, Wow you are amazing! You have worked so hard to reach your goal and we are so very proud of you! Your future students will be lucky to have you. We love you.

- Mom and Dad

To the Class of 2022,

Congratulations on earning your degree at UCSB. What a wonderful accomplishment. I hope you will find that the education you have received will serve you well as a critical thinker, a steward of the environment, and an advocate for those less fortunate than you. Go Gaucho Gold!

- Susan Anderso '85

Congratulations Derek! You're finally there and I am very proud of you as your Mom. I wish you all the very best for the near future and hope that you will realize your full potential. Don't stop believing in yourself and keep your spiritual faith. It will be your best armor against anything that life may throw at you.

- Parent

Congratulations Carly Dale!!! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see how you change the world!! We love you!!

- Mom & Tim (Sydney, Cannon and Brooke)

Diana Escamilla: Words cannot describe the pride, joy and honor that it has been to see your journey from your Freshman year to your Senior year! You've overcome so much including Covid 19, but nothing can stop you from reaching your goals and dreams! This is just the beginning sweetheart, keep reaching for the stars!

- Erick Escamilla, Parent

Mädchen we are so very proud of you. We cannot believe how fast these past 4 years have gone. You have done everything right. We cannot wait to see what is in store for you.
- We love you Mom and Dad

Henry Hat Latchford- so flipping proud of you! you set this goal and you conquered it! love you to pieces. congratulations on this milestone.

- Love mom and dad❤️

Congratulations on your graduation Eoin!!! We are so excited and proud to share this day with you and can't wait to see what your next adventure will be!

- Love, Mom, Aoife and Julius

Justin Tanner, Congratulations!! We are so proud of your academic achievements but even more proud of the kind, funny, and resourceful man you've become. We love you and can't wait to see how you change the world.

- Love, Mom, Dad, and Blaine.

JH - What a fantastic accomplishment graduating from UCSB! I have seen you grow so much over the years and you should be very proud of the man you have become. Enjoy this time in your life, such a great future ahead. We love you!

- Uncle Richard and Aunt Carol

Good job Derek

- Denise Garcia, Sister

En esta nueva etapa de tu vida , espero que sea llena de Éxitos y muchas bendiciones!🙏🙏🙏❤️🥰🎊🎉

- Con amor, Mama (Miriam Carolina Cubillan)

Congratulations on your achievement!! We are so proud of you and are looking forward to see all the great things you’re going to accomplish in the future. We love you.

- Paulina Sipilian, Parent

Congratulations, beautiful Isabel!!! I am so so proud of you!! You are graduating already from your dream school. You are a dedicated and intelligent student, and I know you will continue your path successfully. I love you!

- Mom.

Mekhi 💙 Mom and Dad are so Godly proud of you. We’re excited to have watched you go from that uncertain young man to a Strong Confident man of valor. You did it!

- Parents

Congratulations Derek

- Veen Cruz

Congrats Jezrah-Valerie! What a wonderful accomplishment earning your degree at UCSB. You did it! This remarkable milestone brings overwhelming pride, joy and honor to our family. We are excited to see your next journey in life, but for now, let’s embrace your success and celebrate YOU!

- MomVicDadRay, Jaz, Mae, GmEva

Congratulations Jezrah! I’ve seen you over come so much this year. I’m so proud of you and what you have accomplished. I’m so excited to see you take on your new adventures and journeys. I love you future business partner and girlfriend!

- Love Marlon #ucsbcouple

For all you are, all you have already achieved, and all you have yet to accomplish- the world is here waiting for you … We are on the sidelines as your biggest fans cheering you on as you begin your next endeavor. Congratulations Joey- you made it !

- With Love Always, Mom & Eric

May your achievement inspire you to keep following your dreams. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the class of 2022!!

- Theresa Kitts

Congratulations, Derek Garcia!!!! We love you and reach for the stars!!

- Boom Garcia

Congratulations Beautiful Desert Butterfly! You know who you are.

- Theresa Kitts, Parent

Anna Makris, our beloved, amazing daughter, we are extremely proud to congratulate you on this extraordinary and pivotal milestone! We are confident and excited for the undeniable impact that you’ll bring to the world as you continue to apply yourself, driven by your inspiring passion and unwavering dedication!!!

- Stefanos Makris

It was a very different and difficult journey, but you still did amazing and made it to the finish line. This is only the beginning of a bright future for all of you! Congratulations Class of 2022!

- Stephanie Reyes

Congratulations Riley. You worked so hard to get here & I am so excited to celebrate this amazing achievement with you.

- Love Mom

Congratulations RJ, This is just the beginning of your wonderful journey. We're so happy and proud for you!

All the best,

Joseph and Stacey Johnson

Congratulations to Robert Clark Jr. aka RJ. May the Lord be your guide as you close one chapter (College Graduation) and open the doors you are supposed to walk through in this next chapter , stay blessed and focused.

- Much Love Cousin Rhonda

Share your words of encouragement with the Class of 2022


Congratulations we are so very proud of you Tommy Hafner. We have no doubt he will do big things in this world and make a huge impact on saving our environment for future generations. 

- Love you mom dad and Christopher and Coco

Congratulations! Welcome to the Gaucho alumni family!!!

- Elvira Valdez '08

Progress is not linear! Follow your dreams & make it a reality. Do not waiver; if it was easy, everyone would do it.

- Anthony Bolden '19

Congrats to my daughter, Lucy, a 2022 UCSB Graduate. Welcome to the club, babe. Go Gauchos!

- Liza Vasquez '93 

Andrew Ratto,

We are super proud of you. You manifested your dream and it came true. Being an athlete for 4yrs and having a great GPA is not easy. Now time to enter the next chapter of your life and make great things happen. Love you to the moon and back ❤️ Big Congrats!!

- Tina Ratto 

Congratulations Grant on graduating! We are so proud of you and admire how you set your sights on what you want and then put in the work to reach those goals. We know you will continue to make us proud as you move forward in life.

- We love you! Mom, Dad, Oliva, and Prim (Willie in spirit)

Bravo James! Congratulations on your graduation from UCSB Class of 2022! You persevered through some hard times to reach this wonderful milestone. We love you and are unbelievably proud and excited for your next chapter in life. Keep making music and stay focused on your goals. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

- Parent

You go! Noice job!

- Salvatore Taraya

Congratulations to all the graduates but especially our Gaucho with alumni parents! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see you graduate exactly where we did 33 years ago!! And thanks for getting into grad school at UCSB - now we have an excuse to keep visiting you!

- Anne (Kiner'89) Haynes

Jackson Mills, congratulations on graduating in 4 years! We are so proud of you! Love you to the moon and back!

- Mimi and Papa

Way to go Andrew, I am very proud of you. You have come a long way since the day I’ve known you as a little baby that typically on a weekend morning needed a diaper change, a bottle and Sesame Street on TV. :) Good luck with your future career, I know you will be a successful young man!

- Love, Opa (John Kros, Grandparent)

Congratulations to our beautiful daughter, sister and niece VALERIE!!! You are an amazing young lady and we are so proud of you!

- From you mom, Andrew, brother, sister, Tia, nephews!!! LOVE YOU SEEREECHEE

Congratulations Vincent Salazar. You've chosen and achieved your college path. You've chosen with resolve and maturity, we can only be proud of. We thank you for carrying yourself right. For being responsible and independent. With no doubt we know from here, you can carry it for the rest of your life. We love you.

- Sam Salazar, Parent

Dearest Andrew,

You cannot imagine how proud and blessed I feel to have seen you grow into the amazing young man you have become. A new step into the present world awaits you. You have shown that you can accomplish your goals and can become an asset to the path you choose to take.

Love, Grandma Ratto

Daniel Cisneros my beautiful baby boy. I’m so proud of your success. It makes my heart beat faster when I think of every thing you achieved my love. You did this all by yourself honey . I love you so so much . I always knew you would do great things.

-Bernadette Cisneros

Congrats Brian H! We couldn’t be prouder of you!

- Kathy H, Mom

You have proved your determination to do whatever you can dream. I hope you feel proud and confident in your ability to shine on your next challenge. We are so proud of you!

- Linna and Kuishing Kan

Congratulations Derek! Keep persevering and never stop following your dreams! The sky is the limit for you! We love you!

Love: Bella, Addy, Maya, Nica, and Prem! 💖

Congrats to Anna Makris. Very proud of you. Great job. Since the day i met you, i knew you were destined for great things and that you will make it far. And as one of your favorite DC characters is Superman, i guess i can label you a Superwoman, a woman of steel. All the best and much love.

- Nicola Matic

4 years later……You did it Frida! I’m so proud of you and so impressed with the fine young woman you have grown into. Always believe in yourself, dream big, be curious and enjoy life. I love you so much
- xoxo Mom

Congratulations Andrew Piecuch! Economics Major 2022 UCSB We are so proud of you! You light up the room when you walk in! You make everyone’s day better by being there. We love you so much!!

- Love, Mom, Dad, Alex, Aidan and Allison

Congratulations to the class of 2022! Be proud of this huge accomplishment. The future is yours. Be smart and help make a better world. Good luck to all of you. And, don't forget to say thank you to your families for their support :)

- Edmond Balaian

Share your words of encouragement with the Class of 2022


Congratulations Cassie! A wonderful achievement and we’re so glad we get to celebrate with you and your family! 

- Ralph, Kerry, Maddy, Granny Colleen and Eugene

We are so proud of you, Emily Ann Cunial! Congratulations, you deserve it all!

- Love you, Mom, Dan, Carly and Jack

Nicole-CONGRATULATIONS on your college graduation! You continue to meet and exceed the challenges presented to you. I will continue to support you in whatever direction you decide to forge forward on your own unique path of life. Remember to have fun along the way. Life is short-choose to be happy!

- Love you-Mom, XOXO

Congratulations Jasmine (Leilani)

You’ve made us all proud! You deserve a big celebration!!!! and it starts now….=)

- Love ya Mom & Dad Mendez

Congratulations Olivia ! Once a Gaucho always a Gaucho! Way to go Class of 2022!!

- Jamie Gordan '89

Congrats Jackson Mills & all of the 2022 graduates! You have all been through a lot the last few years but your perseverance & resilience is inspiring! We know you will all tackle the future with kindness and ingenuity. So very proud of you!

- Lisa Leyva

Freida G, there is an overwhelming and exhilarating sense of love and pride we feel each time you reach and exceed your personal goals!! Your hard work, self motivation and commitment have put you where you are today!!! Graduate of Environmental/Global Studies Class of 2022 UCSB!! ❤️The nanas

-Monica Juarez, Parent

Congratulations Anneke Laine! We are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see what your new chapter has entailed for you. But we know it’s going to be great! We love you!

- Mom and Dad

You did it!! Congratulations to my amazing brother and all his classmates on your years of hard work. The world awaits. Wishing you all the best, always. xox

- Heather Dillon

Congratulations Charlie Wyckoff. We are so proud of you 💕 Two generations of gaucho’s!

- Love Mom❤️

Congrats to the UCSB Class of 2022. Your dreams and ideas, courage and hard work have paid off. Delight in this special day and all you have to offer the world.

- Parent

In this life we are created for a purpose. Continue to educate yourself, live your purpose and do it all in love.

- Carlos and Krista Rodriguez 

Congratulations Kasey! You made it:)

What a huge accomplishment! I am so proud of you, more than words can ever say. You have worked hard, so deserving of this celebration.

Congratulations too, on landing your first post-graduate job! UCSB is keeping the best of the best:)

Love you, Mom

Congratulations Derek! Love you!❤️

- Maria Victoria Garcia

Congratulations to our Maya! We are so proud of all your perseverance through some of the most difficult times. Your accomplishments are a testimony to your courageous embrace of your Life Journey despite the obstacles you’ve had to overcome. You are exactly as you should BE… a BeYOUtiful soul!


Congratulations Dylan! We are so proud of you! Great job Bert!

- Brandon & Chasi Burkey

Piper Morris we are SO proud of you!!

- Love you Mom, Dad and Maggie

Congratulations Morgan..we love you and are so proud of you!

- Parents

Jarod E Ramirez, you are on your way to make a change!! Congratulations, love you,

- Dad, Mom and Maddie

Success is no accident.
It is hard work, perseverance,
learning, studying, sacrifice,
and MOST of all,
love of what you are doing.
- Pele
Congratulations on your success, you did it not only once but twice, we are so proud of you. May God continue to keep, bless and guide you in all your future endeavors. Love you

- Cheryl Roberson

Congrats from your family and friends! We are so proud of you & can't wait to continue seeing you succeed.

- Mabel Aceves López

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and MOST of all, love of what you are doing.Pele
Congratulations! On a great accomplishment, you not only did it once, you did it twice, so proud of you. May God continue to keep you, bless and guide you in All your endeavors

- Robert Clark, Jr.

Congratulations Alex! You made it and we are so proud! And, you did it all while writing and recording great music (and taking care of your cat)!

- Laurie Espinosa

Share your words of encouragement with the Class of 2022


Congratulations to BEN HOLLAND! We are so proud of you and wish you all the happiness in the world! Stay kind, creative, curious, and adventurous. The world is a better place because you are in it.

- We love you, Mom and Dad

Congratulations MELINDA CHARLIANNE NICOLAS MILLER! You make us so proud. Time to spread your wings, go for your dreams and find your purpose.

- Parent

Horus: You have been remarkable. Your persistence, enthusiasm, and passion will take you far. Congratulations on graduating from CCS Biology Class of 2022!

- Parent

Rue!! I could not be more PROUD of you! Embrace and enjoy your accomplishments! I love you.

- Mom

Congratulations Maddy Bartelloni! We are so incredibly proud of your perseverance, hard work & accomplishment of this dream goal! You set your mind & you never gave up despite the roadblocks put before you!

- We love you! Mom & Dad

Congratulations, Cammie! We are all very proud of you! Wishing you the very best as you move forward in life. We’ll be right behind you, with our love and support.

- Love you lots, Mom, Dad, Nicki

Congratulation our dear son, Today we are very happy. It is such an invaluable gift for us. So we want to say a simple thanks to you for everything you did. You make us proud to be your parents!

- Love, Your parents Xoxo

Josh Ferry, we love you and could not be more proud of you. You did it!! Take a minute, breathe it in and celebrate this amazing success and everything that you did to get here. Then go out and move mountains, change the world if you want to buddy. Wherever your path leads next we are always behind you.

- Becky Ferry-Rutkoff, Parent

Maddie- We are so proud of you and all you've accomplished over the past four years. You made lemonade out of lemons! Your future is bright and we will be right along with you for the ride! Much love!
- Tree (Mom) & Dad

Congratulations Derek (and to the whole Class of 2022) for a job well done! All the hard work and sleepless nights of studying have finally paid off. Denise & I (and everyone in the family) are very proud of you!

- Mom & Denise (Garcia)

Congratulations Derek! Your hard work has paid off. We wish you the best on your next journey. Continue reaching for your goals. May God bless you always.

- love, Tita Tin, Tito Marlow, Mico & Bela

Jackson-we love you so much & are so proud of you! You are our “favorites”! Big huge honey!

- Mom, Nando, Maisie & Baxter

SO proud of the class of 2022! You overcame historic adversity and survived a global pandemic to make it to this day. Cheering you on in whatever is next. Work hard, dream big, but don't forget to have so much fun along the way.

- Annelise Pierce

Congratulations Yas! Your hard work and dedication has paid off. We are so proud of you for your accomplishment. We love you!

- Familia Casillas ❤️

Malcolm X - “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Congratulations Robert Clark Jr! We are very proud of you. Your future is promising!

- God loves you and so we. 🙏🏽❤️Love from all of us, Carol, Crystal, Brandy, & Kyleigh

ALMA you are the most amazing Biological Sciences graduate of 22 besides your blonde bestie"These people all look really smart I'm nervous" isn't everyone in masks??? "yes but still"

Thanks for keeping me sane here. You are amazing and have such a bright future (no offense to these other posts but you will reign) XX.

- Friend

Congratulations Aleksei! We love you and are so proud of you! Today marks the fulfillment of all your efforts over the last four years and it’s time to celebrate your accomplishment. Cheers to a job well done! We wish you all the best as you step into new territory; great opportunities await you.

- Bonnie & Matthew Johnson

Congratulations Robert L Clark Jr., AKA RJ, on your accomplishment. We are excited to participate in this momentous day of your graduation. We're very proud that you completed this leg of your journey and can't wait to see what lays ahead. "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3

- Jackie & Donald Billings

Congrats to my beautiful daughter Bryanna Macias. We are so proud of you. 👩‍🎓

- Love, Mom, Emy and David

Congratulations on being a graduate RJ! My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to and May your dreams always stay big.

- We are proud of you. Roz & Anthony

Congrats RJ on your big day. You doing great lil cousin.

- Nick Harris

Dearest Tyler,
You have set a record of meaningful participation in your four years at UCSB. Your years of being AG of the student's association, assuming leadership positions in so many different organizations have left your imprint on UCSB. You have laid the cornerstone on your life there and will continue upward.

- Annette Miller

Congratulations RJ! You did it! So proud of you!

- Shenisa Neal

Congrats RJ! We are so proud of you and your achievements. The best to you in all your future endeavors! We love you!

- Alex & Shenita Clark

Congratulations Trish! We are so happy and proud to see you graduate!

- Elizabeth Armstrong

Congratulations, RJ (Robert Clark, Jr)! Words cannot express how truly proud I am of you and what you’ve been able to accomplish from kindergarten through college. God created a wonderful, intelligent, and creative person in you! Always be open to His plans for your life. ~Proverbs 3

- I love you, Mom

Congratulations Zeke Tortal and Karanveer Benipal! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. Reach for the stars and let God be your guide. "Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination…” - Dr. Mae Jemison

- Blessings, Robert Clark Jr’s mom