As a Gaucho community, we want to spread some excitement and appreciation as you all step into your lives as alumni of UCSB

If you're a family member of one of our amazing graduates, a former student looking to dish out some Gaucho love, or you're simply in admiration of the amazing work the class of 2021 has accomplished, take a moment to submit words of hope and congratulations. #UCSB2021

School is DONE
Life is YOUNG
So get out in the SUN
And just have some FUN

... before job, bills bills bills and insufficient vacation days hehe

- Shefali, Friend 

Charmaine Stansall, Congratulations on such an accomplishment! I know your parents are proud of you! Do big things! We are all rooting for you!! Xoxoxo 

- Kate Oliver, Friend

Proud of you beyond words Morgan!! You’re my heart and soul and you make me a proud mama every second of every day. Continue to shine and be brilliant my luv. The world is yours!❤️

- Laura Black, Parent 

Congratulations to Ethan Rich!!!

- Judi Muller & Les Stickles, Friends 

Congrats Class of 2021! We made it!

- Rima Parekh '21

Congratulations sister we are so proud of you! You're and inspiration to everyone around you.

- Jessica Escobar, Sister 

Congrats to the class of 2020 & 2021. So glad you all get to celebrate this year.

- Michaela Nash '19 

Shoutout to my bestie Natalia Zuno! Congrats friend! You did it!!!

- Sheccid Torress, Friend

Hi Natasha Congratulations for the tremendous achievement! Best of luck to the future!!

- Kamal, Mentor 

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Wow, scrolling my year of graduation for this post was like spinning the “Big Wheel” on The Price is Right. Forty (+) years post graduation has provided many chapters in my life and career-but I will never forget the UCSB chapter that was predominant in all that followed. You are in good stead. Congratulations!

- Vincent Scott '81

Corey Parker, MA Ed ‘21, BS Math Sci ‘20, will be a fantastic high school math teacher. He is so smart and such a good person. I am so proud of this great Gaucho.

- Carol (Graham '82) Parker 

Just do everything possible to stay connected with friends, staff, and faculty you’ve known as a result of your time at UCSB. Keep them posted on your life events. Don’t let these incredible times, even the tough ones fade away over time. As you get older you will know why. I guarantee it!! And..CONGRATS!

- Bob Harrington, Parent

OLE!!! Congrats Class of 2021!! I graduated 20 years ago and now have a beer brew supply shop in SB called BYOB! If you need some part time work, please hit me up!! We could use a few helping hands, especially gauchos who like to brew their own beer! Best of luck to all of the graduates!

- Aimee Kielborn '01

All of your sacrifices were worth it, you are now part of a family full of trailblazers. Make the best of the education that you received at UCSB and you will thrive in anything you wish to do!

- Emilio Gutierrez '19

Huge congratulations to the Class of 2021!🎉Special Congratulations to our daughter @Amanda Roberts who is part of this graduating class! You all have overcome and succeeded during a tough time and this makes you especially resilient! The sky is the limit and there is nothing you won’t be able to achieve!

- Danielle Roberts '93

The best advice I got in 2003 was from Professor Armbruster-Sandoval, "Do not take no for an answer." In life you have to be committed and persuasive. Specifically in achieving your goals. When rejected from a Grad School of choice or dream job, try and try again. Sometimes we give up too soon without trying again.

- Brenda Payán '03

Congratulations UCSB 2021 graduates! The resilience you’ve shown during unprecedented times will serve you greatly as you enter your next phase of life. Whether the workforce or other adventures, know that your years at UCSB have prepared you well and will be memories to cherish for a lifetime! Enjoy this special time.

- Mary Shank Rockman '88

Congratulations Luanna!! You did it just as we knew you would!!!

- Lydia Frontuto, Aunt 

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Congratulations Charmaine!’ We are so proud of you!! Such an accomplishment!! You are on your way to bigger and better things!! Keep up the good work and welcome to the work force!! Love you lots… Love from Auntie Julie, Uncle Mike, cousin Meghan and cousin Jason.

- Julie Daugio, Aunt 

Congratulations— bring a little bit of that beach vibe with you wherever you go. And bloom where you are planted!

- Cynthia (Carlson '88) Garcia 

The best is yet to come! Continue to be curious, ask questions, pay-it-forward and leave a positive impact on our world!

- Claudio Estrada '09

Congratulations to Lauren Lee for graduating this year. You've worked hard and deserve the best. Here's to a bright future.

- Diane Lee '23

Congratulations class of 2021! The flexibility and fortitude you have shown in the last year and a half to graduate just proves how resilient you are! Be proud of your accomplishment and know you are now part of a great community of fellow Gauchos! Good luck in your future endeavors!!

- Lisa (Stipp '88) Dezzani 

Congratulations to my grandson Malcolm Jacob Rashid on this special day of graduation. Although you graduated in 2020, it is still fresh in my memory the first day I took you to UCSBto beginning your journey. May God continue to bless you as you walk through your life love you. Nana.

- Merle Charles, Grandfather 

Congratulations Luanna!!!! May God continue blessing your path!!! Love you!

- RosaElena Garcia, Friend 

Congrats Sister!!! So proud of you!

- Fernando Gutierrez, Brother 

I wanna congratulate two very important people, Japrese Kidwell & Jodeci Cervantes, on graduating!! You did it!! I’m so proud of y’all & I’ll be cheering you on from Riverside! 

- Miranda Velasquez '17

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Dear Fellow Gaucho Grads: Congratulations on achieving this incredible milestone. If there is one piece of advice that I can give you is to take action, no matter how small, each and every day to achieve your goals. Having knowledge won't get you far without action. Now go throw some tortillas to start celebrating!

- Kevin Angeles '93

Congratulations, class of 2021! Welcome to the real world competition!

-Zhihong Zhao '17

Congratulations Class of 2021! Proud of you all for graduating despite the challenges that have come your way during your time at UCSB. No matter what, I sure hope you gained some perspective, knowledge, and appreciation for being part of such a special community. GO GAUCHOS!

- Aileen Santos '08

¡Felicidades! Lo has logrado. A veces fue fácil y, a veces, difícil. Lo que espero es que lo recuerdes bien y sigas adelante y hacia arriba.

- Rafael Velasquez '13

As you venture out into a post-pandemic world know that each and everyone of you can and will make significant contributions to create a better world in which all people are valued. CONGRATULATIONS Gauchos!!!!!!! 

- Stephen Jones, UCSB Staff

Congrats on your graduation under trying circumstances this past year. Welcome from 2 grads.

- Dave Dukes and Gloria Knox '70

Class of 2021, You are most resilient and strong, having crossed this threshold at a most uncertain time. As you face the unknown, may you find your way to your destinies, to your truth, to your happiness. May you pay it forward. May you make a positive difference in this world. Shine your light! Cherish these times.

- Tara Atherley '03

Congratulations Class of 2021! Never stop growing, learning, and challenging yourself. Wishing you all the best as you embark on this next chapter in your life!

- Diana Nemsingh '18

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to my LOVES Sydney, Jennifer, Joanna, and Veronica!! I’m so insanely proud of all of you and I’m sending all of my love and positive vibes your way!

- Adriana Rivera '20

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"¡Felicidades a todos! ¡Lo lograste y eres capaz de más, sí se puede! Congratulations everyone! Work hard, play hard!"

- Ana Rodriguez '09

"Congratulations!! Work hard but spend time at the beach! Explore, experiment, enjoy!!!! Go Gauchos!"

- Peter Lefevre '84


- Alaska Yakota '20

So very proud of you Elijah Saucedo! You worked so very hard these past four years. Can’t wait to see what God has planned for you next. Congratulations love Mom,Dad, and Hannah!!

- Janna Saucedo, Parent

Congratulations to everyone of you! You guys made it!!!!!! I know It’s a bit tough for attending class under COVID-19, but this makes you guys special!! 2020 is definitely a special year for all of you! After all, I hope you guys can be succeed in every aspect of life. And welcome to the alumni family!!!

- Toby Chang '17

Congratulations and welcome to the Gaucho family!! What a year!!

- Mehgan Tanner '04


You have proven that the road less travelled was the road for you. It has been a long journey to today and I am beyond proud of the man you have become. It is time for you know how do your passion and find your happiness. Remember Jackson you know where I keep you right here in my heart! Love Mom

- Piper Schuetz, Parent 

CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the Gaucho Nation!

- Jeanie Cornet '18

We’re so Proud of You Luanna!!! There’s no limit to how much farther you can go! You made it! Congrats to a brilliant student and a wonderful daughter. Love you my beautiful princess!!!!

- Martha Gutierrez, Parent

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