The Gaucho Network Mentorship Program is designed to establish meaningful mentorships between current UC Santa Barbara third and fourth year students and alumni. The connections made in this program will help you build your network and prepare you for a successful future.

Gauchos are known for helping Gauchos. Participation will give you access to a robust network of alumni who are eager and willing to share their career and networking advice.

About the Program

The Gaucho Network Mentorship Program utilizes the Gaucho Network platform to connect and match you with an alumni for mentorship. Once matched, your mentor will help you with career and professional development advice during this critical stage in your college education. We encourage you to connect on a regular basis, however, the frequency and form of communication are determined together by you and your mentor.

The Matching Process

Gaucho Network uses criteria from your profile to automatically match you with your mentor. You and your mentor will be notified about your match on October 31, 2022. It is your responsibility to schedule the first meeting.

Once the program begins, you will automatically be added to the Gaucho Network Mentorship Program Group where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other students, share success stories, and receive updates and resources from the Alumni Affairs team.

Register for the Program

Register or Login to (on a computer, not a mobile device)

Complete or Update your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” at the top right

  • Upload a professional photo
  • Include professional, academic, and volunteer experience
  • Under the “Seek Mentoring” section, check “Gaucho Network Mentorship Program”
  • Make sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page to save all changes.


Become a Mentee



Key Program Dates

Mentorship matches made during the 2022-2023 academic calendar end May 31, 2023

Aug 23 - Oct 3, 2022: Alumni registration period
Oct. 3 - Oct. 24, 2022: Student registration period
Oct. 24 - Oct. 28, 2022: Matches are determined
Oct. 31, 2022: Mentors & Mentees are notified of their matches, and mentorship begins
Nov 4, 2022: Online orientation & pre-survey deadline
May 31, 2023: Mentorship ends

Gaucho Network Mentorship Program Orientation

Mentees and Mentors must watch the video prior to the first meeting.

For questions contact

Frequently asked questions



What is expected of me as a mentee?

The Gaucho Network Mentorship Program is about building your professional network, personal development, and gaining academic and career advice. We encourage you to connect with your mentor on a regular basis. However, the frequency and form of communication are things you both can determine. Please DO NOT ask your mentor for a job or internship. This program is not a direct pipeline to a job or internship, though it can often help with opportunities in the future.

Are events and program activities mandatory?

Your mentorship connection is up to you and your mentor. While not mandatory, we encourage you to attend as many program events as possible, both in person and virtual, in order to build a strong connection with your mentor.

How many mentors will I have?

You will be matched with 1 alumni mentor.

For more information contact,