Congratulations Class of 2020

Congratulations to our Class of 2020

Let's share a little love and welcome the new UCSB Graduates to our Alumni Family.  

One of the sweetest memories a new Gaucho grad can have is walking across the commencement stage and collecting that sought after degree.  With our crazy world turned upside down right now the 2020 UCSB graduation class is not going to get to take those steps due to a postponed commencement ceremony.  Here is an easy way to share a few positive words with these new young grads.  We will send an email to members of the class of 2020 with a link to these messages.

This easy form allows UCSB Alumni to post encouragement, congratulations and a promise of a brighter future in this challenging time.  A free and simple way to give back to your UCSB Alumni Family. #UCSB2020

Read our alumni messages to our 2020 graduates below.

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Words of hope and excitement welcoming our newest class of Gaucho alumni.

Congrats to the class of 2020! My deepest sympathies go out to all of you for not being able to walk across that stage at commencement, but know that all of your hard work was still worth it! It’s a crazy world right now, but we’re strong enough to get through it together.

Jessica Zuniga '14

Your future is bright! Us old Gauchos are counting on you to build a glorious tomorrow for our country and our world. No pressure! Congratulations on your graduation. Go Gauchos!

Liza (Gomez) Vasquez '93

Congratulations Class of 2020! I know you may feel you're facing uncertain times, but things will be okay and you all have a great future ahead of you. Us older generations are watching out for you and will help however we can. You got this!!!

Laura Pedersen '00

We are so proud of you Tasha! What a quick four years it's been. Seems like yesterday that we were moving you into Trop. Now we're moving you off of DP. We'll be having our own ceremony as you know because a milestone event like this cannot go uncelebrated! Viva La Gauchos!

Natasha Wood '20, Alpha Phi

Congratulations Class of 2020. You will forever go down on history.

Erick M. Obregon '07

I'm not going to lie - this sucks! You have worked so hard and you deserve the graduation celebration. But I hope you know that your hard work is what will help our community and economy move forward and thrive once again. Gauchos make a difference in this world!!

Pam (King) Crone '90

Congrats class of 2020! You deserve to celebrate after 4 years of hard work and studying. Best wishes for the future!

Nicole Chattin '04

Congratulations to the class of 2020! Being a graduate of UCSB is one of my proudest accomplishments, as I am sure it will be to you, too! Your bright future will be filled with friends, family, and colleagues who will be both impressed and jealous you are a Gaucho! Carry that pride with you everywhere you go. Each and every one of you is a rockstar-congratulations to all!

Emily (Brent) Belote '09

Congratulations! Wow you have all been through a lot and persevered. Wishing you a bright and happy future!!

Leane (Poltorak) Kahrs '85

Stay in School!!!!! LOL Real world is not as kind as school. Find your path and keep your eyes open for those moments in time, where you can go left, when you should go right. Left may lead to a enthusiastic and rewarding adventure. Not always, but alas, perhaps. Don't worry BE HAPPY !!!!

Roy Tucker '76

One of the things that kept me going when college life got tough was the dream of one day walking across that stage with my cap and gown and looking back at how far I'd come. Commencement meant so much in my life in proving to myself that I could overcome huge obstacles and achieve anything if I was passionate about it. It breaks my heart that the Class of 2020 has had to postpone commencement, and if you've been looking forward to this day like I was a few years ago, I feel your pain and I am so sorry. I hope that despite the sadness and frustration you might be feeling you get to stand firm in the knowledge that YOU DID IT! You've accomplished this! YOU ARE A COLLEGE GRADUATE! I hope you feel celebrated and proud of how far you've come (because you have!!). The Class of 2020 is being held deeply in the hearts of many people around the world. We are with you in celebration, wishing you peace and courage as you walk into this unknown and weird world we're all living in.
Cheers and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

Raquel Stewart '13

Congrats Grads! Don't let our current circumstances take any joy away from this monumental accomplishment. Hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance are what has led you to this point and part of what makes you a Gaucho. Appreciate the highs and lows that make up your college experience and set your sights on the future, the world is yours!

Steven Huizar '13

Big Congrats on your graduation!!! You will always remember how crazy this time was along with your great achievement!! Be well and know the world needs you!!

Marlene Zoellner '73

Know that although you won’t have a graduation ceremony, you still have the memories of your favorite professors & you have the friendships you formed at your years at UCSB. As a graduate of UCSB 40 long years ago know that “this too shall pass “. Although it doesn’t seem like it now, you all will get jobs & you will get on with your lives.
If there is one piece advice I would give is treasure the friendships you made at UCSB and make an effort to keep in touch.
Once you graduate, you will all be busy with work and family. Don’t let those friendships go. The years go too fast . 40 years from now you will be glad you made the effort to keep in touch! Good luck & Godspeed!

Cathy Rosenthal '80

Congratulations Class of 2020!! Cherish all those wonderful days on campus and in I.V.....and welcome to the world of Gaucho Alumni! You'll always be part of the family. #WeGauchoBack

Valarie Yoshimura '90

Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone! While graduating and starting your career in these challenging times - There are unprecedented opportunities created as well. While you may not realize it, through your UCSB journey you have developed the skills to discover and exploit these opportunities, and ultimately rise to higher heights!

Joel Rosenberg '80

Dear 2020 Graduates--Congratulations on finishing college! While you have dealt with adversity--including fires and now the pandemic--always remember how fortunate you were to have been educated at UCSB and to have lived in SB. It is a great springboard into whatever life's challenges bring your way. The stakes get higher and higher as you go, but with hard work and gratitude (and hopefully some good luck), you should be well positioned by UCSB to continue celebrating achievement after achievement. But until then, enjoy this one...YOU EARNED IT!

Christopher Sheron  '86, Law & Society
Gabriela Qintana-Garcia '17

Congratulations on becoming a college graduate! Even though you won't be able to attend the ceremony, you should be very proud of what you've accomplished to become a graduate. As you enter the "real world", all of the experiences you've had in college - friendships, clubs, sports, internships, jobs, etc. - are all a part of your story now. A story that you can share in every job interview. A story that will help you land a job. It took me several jobs after college to find one that 'fit'. My advice for you is to use each opportunity you have as an opportunity to learn and grow. Stay positive and follow your passion. As a UCSB graduate, you have an amazing story to tell. And I can't wait to hear how it turns out. Best of luck to you!

Jeanette (Braaten) Gibson '82

Congratulations and remember that you have control of your attitude. As disappointing as it is to end your college life with sip. You have a wonderful future. Carpe Diem.

Cheryl King '83

Go Gaucho Grads! Congratulations on finishing your degree! Remember this is just the beginning and us gauchos know how to celebrate under any circumstances. Cheers!!

Susan Price '00

It was such a memorable moment walking across our Gaucho stage w/ friends and family all watching. Sorry, for this experience not being something you gets get to enjoy but it’s better to be cautious. We’re sending tons of a gaucho luv to ya. 

Sophia Means '04

Best wishes to the this special class of 2020. May all of you be safe and well through this covid challenge and make our world a better place as Gauchos strive to do!

Robert Margolis '87

Congratulations on surviving UCSB. The biggest shock to me when entering the work force was “where did all the young people go?” Stay in touch with your friends and be open to new adventures. Don’t expect the world to greet you with open arms. Take the job, even if is not even remotely what you thought you would be doing. You can always job hunt while working. It took me four years of working at two different OK for now jobs before getting hired by Disney, my dream place. However, I was not hired into my dream job and I worked another few years to get there. Keep at it, work hard and don’t burn bridges! Again, congratulations!!

Lisa (Mingus) Urwick '89

Congratulations, Gauchos!! I was so scared about post-college life when I graduated. Trust me—although these were an incredible 4 years, you have so much more to learn and look forward to!

Trevor Mauk '15

Congrats to all the 2020 grads! While you won't get to make your way across the stage this year, you will have your college education and experiences to help you navigate your next adventure... Best wishes!! And much love : )

Gina Gonzales '00

Dear Jordyn:
It is no surprise to “Uncle Paw-Paw” and I that you would be the latest to continue the Windom family tradition that began with the class of 1972. You have exemplified what it means to be a Windom-Gaucho which soars above all others as a family legacy from UCSB. We are so proud of you and look forward to witnessing the next chapter in your life.’re next to make a difference. Go get ‘em’
Love you much!

Jerry Windom  '72, and Gayle Windom '73

Michelle Ratcliff - Congratulations on completing your BS in Ecological, Evolutionary and Marine Biology! These past four years have been an exciting and interesting journey for you with wonderful experiences and educational challenges that helped you bloom into the person you are today; and we love who you are!! We are so proud of you and wish you happiness, health and success in the next part of your journey!! And congratulations and best wishes to all the wonderful friends you made at UCSB! Thank you for contributing to a wonderful university experience for Michelle.
Love, Mom, Dad, Matthew and Bear
Caryn Ratcliff '86

First congratulations on your choice of the UC system and the Santa Barbara campus. Thank you and your classmates for moving UCSB way up on the Best Universities list every year. My degree and my daughter’s look better than ever! Your accomplishment and dedication to your future is an even more positive force during this unimaginable trying time. Don’t lose heart, look for every opportunity, know that every former, current and future Gaucho is with you. Party hard when you can, 2020!!!

Linda Jean (Sobetzer) Hauser '69

Class of 2020! Congratulations! You have accomplished an incredible feat. I hope and pray you can enjoy this moment with your family. May you stay healthy and safe. May you find a job that challenges you and brings you great joy. Many blessings.

Coleen (Smith) Severson '91

You got this. Create the life you want, starting now. Looking back remember UCSB personal development lessons learned. You won’t need the book work that was just to show you and others how smart you are. 

Kevin Young '80

Some of the greatest innovations - advances in science, medicine, the arts, transportation, technology, and so much more - have been born during times of hardship. Ironically, when humanity is at its most vulnerable is often when we find the greatest strength, agility, and creativity to build a better world. While I don't know you personally, I know you are a class of pioneers, of change-makers, and you will find a way to not only reach the other side of this, but make your lives and the communities around you stronger in the process.

Walking across the commencement stage is a symbol of a journey that is so much bigger than that moment. While not getting to do it may hurt, it does not take away the years of hard work, commitment, and resolve needed to reach that milestone moment. Know that your class will be forever known as the ones that conquered that hurt and were more resilient because of it. You have an army of alumni, friends, and family cheering you on and you've already made us so proud - now just go out there and keep it going!

Alexandra Platt '12

2020 Grads,

Congratulations on your momentous achievement. As you approach this turning point and prepare to embark on your next journey, whether that be professional or academic, we alumni wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and hope that you find happiness and success along the way. As you may recognize in the days and weeks leading up to graduation, the end is generally bittersweet, but it is the journey, the memories, the friends, and the stories you'll tell for years and decades to come, that makes your time at UCSB time well spent.

Justin Hannah '11

Congratulations on your success in a world that changed overnight. Keep pursuing your goals & your dreams. Your education was the first step, you're well equipped for the next.

Denise (Mattson) Boshers '97

Congratulations Class of 2020! It will take all of your creativity, hard work, intelligence and spirit, but I am thankful and confident that you will persevere and continue to make this world a better place. Go Gauchos 2020!

Ellen Savage Cafferata '71

Congratulations UCSB class of 2020 on your remarkable achievement! You have learned so much during your UCSB student days that will prepare you for a successful life. You are well prepared for whatever life throws at you. You proudly have learned that what doesn't break you makes you stronger. Some day it will be clear why your graduation day was delayed. And the celebration will be sweeter and more meaningful.
In the meantime, we can choose HOPE or FEAR. Always choose HOPE.

Leslie Solomon Klonoff '80/UCSB Alumni Board of Directors

Congratulations! For such a time as this, bring all you’ve learned and all your passion to the adventure ahead.

Carol (Pfiffner) Bridgeman '79, Communication Alumni Council

Julian (Bebes) -
Congratulations on staying the course and completing this milestone!
We are so proud and know you are destined for greatness in the future. Take strong hold in faith and know you are so loved!

Tricia Ruiz 

Even 27 years later, I remember sitting in the sun by the lagoon with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. UCSB was one of the best choices of my life. I'm sad that your senior Spring was not what you anticipated; but the entirety of your Gaucho experience will be a positive that will stick with you through the whole of your life. Congratulations Graduates! The world is ready for the great vibes you'll bring into it!

Leigh (Balsamo) Elkins '93